5 Tips for Pitching the Media

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So you just launched a new program, product or fabulous new website, published a book or won an award. You want to shout your accomplishments from the rooftops and help more and more people with your unique brilliance. Why not get the media to help? Here are a few tips for getting the attention of the media and how to get them to amplify your voice online.


1. Be Prepared. 

You will need a few things in place, and once you have them they can be reused for almost any pitch.

Pitch Letter – Most pitches are sent via email so take some time to craft a really good pitch letter that can be tweaked, personalized and used over and over.  A good pitch letter should be brief, only 3-4 paragraphs.  Describe how your services/products can benefit their audience. Offer a brief overview of your experience and what you can offer to their audience. Close with contact information and a link to your media kit or a recent article.

Media Kit – A media kit is a compilation of a biography, company bio, description of products, services or book, prior media, images/headshots,/videos, list of Q&A for media, testimonials /quotes, press release, speaker onesheet, book excerpt and book fact sheet (for author media kits). Sounds like a lot, but don’t worry if you do not have all of these elements, just include what you do have and compile it in an easy to read format.


2. Finding Media Opportunities.

There are many ways to connect with media professionals online, here are just a few that will bring you tons of FREE media opportunities daily! I use these and have landed wonderful opportunities for my clients, including a 10 part video series on e-how, an ongoing expert gig, for a client who is a doctor, on a highly ranked medical blog, and so many more.

  • HARO – Help Out A Reporter – sign-up for a free account and receive 3 emails daily with media opportunities. (http://www.helpareporter.com/)
  • Radio Guest List – sign up for a free account and receive daily emails with internet radio shows looking for guests. (http://www.radioguestlist.com/)
  • Reporter Connection – sign-up for a free account and receive daily emails from reporters looking for resources for articles. (http://reporterconnection.com/)
  • Follow and engage with the media on social media – Twitter is best.
  • Like an article or radio show?  Journalists and hosts usually include their contact information or social media handles in their bylines – go ahead and send an email or introduce yourself on social media, share their work, it’s that simple.


3. What To Do.

  • Be respectful of deadlines.
  • Be aware that media professionals are overworked and often have several tight and simultaneous deadlines. Be sensitive about their time and overloaded inboxes.
  • Take the time to know who you are pitching, read their blog, listen to their radio show, read their magazine.
  • Have good matters! Always!


4. What Not To Do.

  • NEVER include attachments on emails. Media professionals will not open them email.
  • Do not send a mass pitch to every media person you know – take the time to pitch to media professionals that might really need you.
  • Do not hound media professionals with follow-up, they are really busy and this is a sure-fire way to get blacklisted. Follow-up can be different on a pitch-by-pitch basis. Look at the big picture and see if a follow-up is appropriate and if it is send one brief email, if you do not hear back that is OK let it go.


5. What To Do With Your Media. 

The media loves you and you are landing articles and interviews galore, here are a few ideas on what to do with them.

  • Add them to your media kit and create a media page on your website.
  • Share on all social media sites.
  • Thank the media professional with and email and offer to be a resource for future articles/interviews too.
  • Thank the media on social media; this is a great way to share your media success with a larger audience.
  • Include an “As Featured In” section in your ezine, newsletter or blog.
  • Ask other people to share.
  • Use in a pitch to another media professional on a similar topic – your stock goes up when you have the attention of the media.


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