How Your Walk Can Be A Foresight Into The Bedroom

By February 10, 2013Inspiration

Understanding how to sway your hips, use your back and adjusting the length of your stride will make men take that second glance towards you. Actually, some sophisticated men will notice your movement and judge your capacity to orgasm.


By learning how to walk with grace and poise you’ll be able to enter any room and quiet that tiny voice inside your head that keeps wanting to remind you how unattractive you are because those 10 extra pounds are in the way of feeling beautiful.


How unfortunate is that!


What if I told you that stepping unto your body and thinking about creating that sultry walk will make all your fears go away? I know it seems hard to believe, but that’s what it did for me.


Being a former competitive ballroom dancer, I was always being judged. Every move I made needed to be better…it was rarely good enough. As much as my career forced me to achieve that sensuous look, it also played with my mind. Before I stepped onto the dance floor with my partner, my inner voice would constantly try to remind me of my imperfections. But the moment I took my first steps onto the dance floor, I created a bubble where I turned into the Dance Diva every step I took. And that walk gave me inner strength to reaffirm my confidence.


So here is the winning combination!

1- Engage your shoulder blades. When you press down on your shoulder blades, you get an instant chest lift! Without engaging your back, the tendency is to let your shoulders roll forward and this posture makes you look insecure.


2- Lead from the hips. You need to imagine a string that is being pulled out of your belly button in order to move you forward. You may feel like your leaning back but it’s because most people lead with their chest when walking and there tends to be a forward pitch in the body. It almost looks like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders…not good.


3- Minimize the width of your stride. When your steps are too far apart, your energy instantly becomes more masculine. You want to imagine you are wearing a tight skirt that prevents you from widening your stride.


4- Squeeze butt muscles. With every step you take, be sure to activate your butt muscles because this is when your hips will begin to sway slightly…it’s that sway that heightens your sensuality because that’s where all your sexual energy is stored! By activating the pelvic area, you release a sonar for all the men in your radius!


Every daily step you take is creating an anchor in your body that either encourages you to feel alluring or ugly…which one do you choose?


I choose alluring because I realized the value of putting my body, my temple in positions that naturally attracts and more importantly gives me courage to radiate my femininity!


Sensually Yours,

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