How to Charge More, and GET It!

What do your potential customers experience from you and your brand, before they decide to buy?

Does your online set of tools deliver an intended message about who you are, and deliver ready to roll new customers, back to you?

Marketing and selling online is a huge playground that you need a treasure map to navigate. Understanding all the options and possibilities is daunting. While scary at first, hopefully it becomes inspiring to you around what is possible for increasing your brand value. Before you make any final decisions on your systems and toolset, let’s talk about building your customer’s integrated brand experience.


 Three Keys to Increasing Your Brand’s Value, and Make More Money With Your Online Experiences


Who you are, what you offer, and how you can help, is your brand identity. Your brand messaging and marketing is done in three communication layers. The first is your brand’s Identity, the second is the “outbound” messaging wghich is the expression layer, and the interactive relationship “inbound/conversation” is the Experience layer.


The three keys to increasing your customers experience, and their perception of your worth, to them, is delivering a seamless experience from start to finish. Do this, and you will sell more services!


Key 1: Define the experiential roadmap for your ideal customer.

From awareness through education, acquisition, work process, repeat business into customer loyalty, you must put pen to paper and define what is the experience you wish for them to have with you. So lets say if a key value you hold is that your “quick and efficient”, as well as “proven and professional” you will want to be sure to design that experience of those four characteristics from beginning to end, and throughout all your tools in your toolset.


Key 2: Decide which tools will allow you to meet those goals, both systematically, and experientially.

Be sure to map out the tools needed, and look into tools that work well together. Plan for your ideal experiential journey for your audience, even if you think you can’t afford the best tools you dream of, just yet.


I would then put into three categories, a “NOW” plan, to express your brand, then a “SOON” and an “ULTIMATE” plan. You may be surprised how quickly you can evolve through to your ultimate toolset.


Key 3: Design the communication assets as an integrated whole. I would ask you to repeat that, out loud, five times, so that you really embrace this concept. Let me tell you why.

If we are communicating “quick and efficient”, as well as “proven and professional” you will design strong and consistent visual graphics messaging for all things visual, photo style, borders, colors, and more. Then, implement them in a consistent way for all your tools, such as email, wordpress, blog posts, and the shopping carts.


So, as an example of this, if your brand value is expressed through visuals of fresh pop of blue color, and grey accents, using simple, clean graphics, be sure that is consistent across the customers experiences with you. When looking at your tools, be sure to select tools and platforms that are easy to update and customize the imagery and content, such as aWeber for email, Harvest for estimating and invoicing, and of course wordpress for your site and blogging.


If you define, decide and design one consistent experience for your customer, throughout the relationship, these things will happen:

Brand connection is established faster, relationship is richer and deeper, Trust is instilled faster. Together, this accelerates the sales process.

Done well, your experience will deliver back to you ready, willing and able buyers, ready to turn into loyal fans.

The best part, is you can spend less time on selling, and more time on making more money, providing more services, and growing your value.


Best wishes for a bigger brand.

Kerri Konik




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