Top 10 Online Systems To Sky Rocket Your Revenue for Solopreneurs

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make in building your business online? Confused at which programs and tools to use when it come to building your list, promoting your services and getting the message out there? Wouldn’t it be once if getting all the right pieces together were easy?


I know it’s a lot to learn in one gulp ~ getting your business online means international exposure however it can be daunting to say the least with so many options to chose from. The key to sky rocketing your revenue means getting more visibility and I guarantee you can find oodles and oodles of your ideal clients online, the only question is…how?


By using systems of course… the more systems you implement in your business the easier and less time consuming finding clients will be. The question is WHICH platforms are the best to use?


Don’t let overwhelm prevent you from using the right tools and systems to get your business in front of the millions of online users and potential clients. If you want to save yourself the time and hassle of learning which systems to use look no further. I’ve put together my top 10 list of online systems to help you sky rocket your revenue – the exact same systems I use or have used in my business, have personally tested and recommend my clients use as well. It doesn’t have to be dizzying. Getting your systems together can be quite painless, here’s how.



1 – Stay in Touch Marketing

If you’re in business you need to be implementing some kind of stay in touch marketing system to stay in front of your ideal clients and continue delivering great content, specials, promotions. Remember not everyone will instantly be ready to become one of your paying clients however if you stay in the loop with a stay in touch marketing plan you up your odd dramatically. If you aren’t top of mind when your clients are ready to say yes – they’ll say yes to someone who is top of mind. If you want to be that person here are the different auto responders and other useful tools I use to stay in touch.

Awebber: Autorespnder company to help you build your email subscriber list – it’s who I use – reliable, easy, and affordable. Free 30 day trial. (Affiliate)
MailChimp: Autoresponder company – if I were to get started from scratch again I would go with these guys – they have awesome newsletter templates and a free version! (Affiliate)
InfusionSoft: The King of autoresponders with built in shopping carts, bells and whistles the whole 9 yards. This is for a much more targeted and robust marketing system. (Affiliate)

Another very popular service provider that I love working with is – this company lets you send out personalized greeting cards to your clients. A great way to stay in touch for birthdays, holidays and send promotional cards or postcards as well.


2- Managing Your Social Media Visibility

You know your business needs visibility however managing all of your Facebook posts and tweets can easily become VERY time consuming and overwhelming. Here’s one of my favourite programs to help you save time lets you post to multiple sites and also allows you to schedule your posts in the future. Very useful! Free and paid versions available.


3- Payment Processing Systems

The most important system of all – accepting money! There are several options out there – how you accept money depends on the country you are in and your business needs. If you’re just getting started Paypal is a great option – here are some other good ones there is a free version, business version and also a paid monthly verso called “Virtual Terminal” that allows you to process credit cards very useful this one is very popular in Canada.


4- Website + Hosting

My clients are always asking what’s the deal with blogging? Should I get a free blog a paid blog, what gives? I suggest as soon as possible you want to get your own URL a domain name and get onto a paid WordPress platform (wordpress has a free version a With a paid version you can control so much more of your design and practicable usability, add widgets easily, the sky’s the limit – it’s worth it to invest in a paid domain and host your own wordpress site because you’ll invest so much time farting around and trying to figure out the free blogging platforms that in the end you’ll want to thrown it the towel! Getting a platform will save you time and energy to do it right the first time around.
WordPress Thesis Theme. My favorite theme! Includes SEO & customization features (Affiliate)
1and1: To buy domain names – they often have .99cent deals, web hosting they have it all! (Affiliate)


5- Sales page & Opt in Page Easy Templates A fabulous company that helps you build landing pages, offers split testing and TEACHES you HOW to do it!
Optimize Press: WordPress plugin that makes creating squeeze pages, sales pages and membership pages a breeze! (Affiliate)


6- Bridge line Services

If you’re looking to host interviews, host your now group coaching calls or use a conference line to have group meetings on you’ll need a bridge line where you can host multiple callers on.

Instant Teleseminar: Robust teleconferencing line – it’s what I use to host my calls and they also store your audio’s online. This one is great because your callers also have the option to listen in via webcast link for free. (Affiliate)
Free Conference Pro: Bridge line includes control panel, recording, 24/7 access, custom recording, # of callers.
Free Conference If you’re just starting out this one is great – they now let you record and download MP3 audios of your calls to your computer.
Free Another free teleconferencing service which in addition to recording calls also offers call-in capability using SKYPE.


7- Email

Gmail: The BEST email for dealing with spam & deliverability. Get an account! With it comes so many wonderful things like tons of storage, a google calendar and access to . Highly recommend getting a Gmail email if you don’t have one yet.


8- Tracking

A good way to measure your results is to be able to! With Google Analytics you can get a free account and pop in a simple code into your site, opt in pages, and sales pages so you can track your visitors, find out where your traffic come from. VERY important to know your numbers if you want to improve them.


9- Survey Your Community

The worst mistake I see so many entrepreneurs making is spending zoo much time creating fancy pants programs and information products without finding out if there’s a market to purchase it first. Survey your community, your list and your clients and find out EXACTLY what problems that have and are looking to solve before you spend any time creating something they might not want. Here’s a fab tool I use often. Free version for up to 10 questions.


10- Product Creation & Fulfillment Houses

Creating your first information product can be a great way to add extra passive income to your revenue. Work once and get paid over and over again. You can create audio programs, CDs, DVDs home study courses you name it. You don’t want to be burning CDs yourself or printing your own labels – that’s way to time consuming. Here are two companies that you can outsource your order fulfillment to and they drop ship – meaning you can order online that they will handle the shipment to your client so you never have to touch the merchandise.

Kunaki: CD/DVD printing/duplication company that produces product on demand, taking the orders and delivering for you.
Vervante: On demand publishing for your home study course, cd/dvd products, etc.


If you’ve found this list useful you might also find a few more gems on my resources page. Let me know if you come across any other resources you find useful that should be added to the list.


To your Love, Expansion & Freedom

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