The Healing Power of Community & The Goddess Red Tent Temple Movement

Do you ever feel like no one really gets you – or that there’s only a select few close friends you hold dear to your heart that you can really let down your guard with and be vulnerable and real with? Do you ever wish you could just find your tribe, get support, feel heard and understood and finally feel like you belong?

I spent a good part of my life isolated and thinking that I was too woo-woo for mainstream, to wild to fit in anywhere and feeling like I didn’t really belong anywhere until I connected with Alisa Starkweather and her Goddess Red Tent Temple Movement.

“Life for a woman is messy – it’s how we came in, it’s messy and it’s extraordinary and it’s ours…You are a woman, you deserve to be honored and respected, your story is valuable, you’re tired; come be fed, be held, be heard, be seen.” ALisa Starkweather

Join the sacred dialogue that is opening up in the Red Tent Temple Movement…we need Red Tents so that women can know their power, we need red tents so that women can discharge their shadows, we need red tents so that women can express, we need red tents so that women can be alone and listen and be with each other and share their stories.

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Community has been the last missing piece in my healing that I didn’t know was missing. On this wild epic adventure of personal healing that began way back in 1998, like many of you, I’ve read countless books, attended countless seminars, flown all over the world to various events but always felt like something was missing.

Feeling like I belonged and connecting with and building relationships with people who support, honor and cherish me – finding my tribe – community – this has been the crown jewel for me. This year, in my commitment to heal everything, I’ve surrounded myself in community, I’ve joined several different groups and built a solid foundation of love and support around myself and it’s totally cracked me open to the core.

Last night we held our first Goddess Red Tent Temple gathering for women here in Montreal. I invite you to join and come and share your story with us, come and find community with us.

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And if you’re not in Montreal find out how you can start your own Red Tent gathering . And if you’re not into red tents that’s cool too ~ whatever you do find community, take the risk to be real with others and seek out support locally no matter what you’re involved in. Community is THE place to heal, laugh, love and grow.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

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