How to Tell the Difference Between Your Intuition and Self Doubt

Does self doubt often plague you from moving forward with a good idea?

“How do I know if what I am feeling is really intuition and not just something made up from my mind?”
Great question! A lot of my clients ask me how to be able to distinguish from the voice of intuition and the voice or self doubt.

An interesting statistic…

Your conscious mind left brain has an access to 16 bites of information per second versus your right brain, subconscious mind, which has access to 16 MILLION bites of information per second – this is where intuition comes from. It comes from the realm of infinite possibilities – sometimes called God.

When your mind is reeling trying to figure things out, looking for solutions, forcing, struggling to make things happen, you can be sure you are creating resistance. When you create resistance your intuition can not find you.

So when you get the “call” sometimes this sneaky feeling inside that pops out of nowhere (often, intuition finds me in the shower… because, again, I am not trying to do anything) and it doesn’t make logical sense, it is more of a feeling – this is intuition.

Intuition strikes you in moments when you ARE NOT trying to come up with an answer.
Notice as soon as it pops in, your conscious mind wants to rationalize it and fit it into a nice box; be careful here, this is where your conscious mind can rationalize you right out of taking action on your intuitive nudges. This is when self doubt emerges.
If you are still unsure about how to decipher your voice of intuition from self doubt, notice intuition just is. One minute, it pops in. Self doubt is a series of questions that around intuition. Self doubt pops up to take you into fear and away from an idea. It tries to protect you, throwing at you all of these reasons based on past experiences – why you should or should not do something. It is a reaction. Intuition is the phenomenon.

One way to begin trusting your intuition is to start asking questions and then step away and let go and watch the answers show up. Say tot he Universe, “Universe give me a clear sign I can recognize about what to do about…..immediately!” I can be sometimes impatient …

You will get the answers! Begin to trust is the pathway to opening up to those more subtle intuitive nudges. Guidance from within feels right, it’s a knowingness not based on logic. Self doubt is a rationalization to distinguish the two you have to be able to distinguish what is your MIND at work ( trying to figure things out) and what is flowing through you as divine guidance.

I’d love to hear your feedback, reply with a quick story of how your intuition came in to save the day. Or send you a powerful message; I’d love to hear from you!

To your Love, Expansion & Freedom





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