Creating Outrageously Awesome Possibilities

I was looking for a DVD yesterday evening and found a copy of Oprah’s O Magazine from this past January behind my DVD collection. I started leafing through it and found Martha Beck’s article on creating outrageously awesome possibilities for the coming New Year. If you want your life to richly rewarding and filled with magic and miracles consider creating possibilities and intentions on a DAILY not just yearly basis.

Here’s the TRUTH: People who get what they want, tend to be the ones who make the effort to know what they want. – O Magazine 2012

My clients often ask me what my daily line up looks like “which processes are the best ones to do and in what order do you do them in?” my clients want to know. I’ll spill the beans on this one because it is THE starting point for successful living. Since 2008 I have been committed to doing an intentioning process to begin and end each day with.

Creating intentions might seem very simple, and similar to goals but I assure you it is different.

Intentioning has been the catalyst behind every major success I have created for myself including big things like moving to Hawaii, high paying jobs, free cars, becoming the best sales rep in a company, writing a book, starting a business, moving into the country, attracting various opportunities, and small things like

Start each day by writing out a list of your intentions for the day.

I talk more in depth about a similar process called “scripting your day” in my book “From Bankrupt to $900 a day Selling Mops” which just received a fabulous review on Amazon here.

Intentions might look like:

Sign up 2 new clients
Connect with Silvia and sort out the dates of the show
Clean the house
Pick up this book
Finish xyz project

At night I go back to my morning intention list and cross off the ones I competed. Then I give it a rating like 5/7 or 9/10 it’s a fun little game I make out of it and that’s why it works. It’s fun!

Creating life and fulfilling intentions is fun – it’s what we are here to do, enjoy the process and experience of our creation. ENJOY –pronounced in- joy.

So what are intending for yourself today? Love to have you over to our facebook fanpage and share with us your intentions!

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom




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