How Can You Become a Money Rock Star – The Secrets for Tapping Into Your Chakra’s of Wealth & Power

Money, personal power and success go hand in hand, as you probably know, right? What if all of the wealth, abundance and money you are seeking is already inside of you, bubbling just waiting to be unleashed? If I told you there was a proven system for activating and inviting money, wealth and power into your being would you try it?

In order to be connected to your ability to be in your mission, your ability to manifest the opportunities to create more wealth, and your ability to carry more personal presence and power, you must first feel your body and feel safe in it – and open your first Chakra.

I had a privilege to talk to Margaret Lynch about accessing those inner shifts that create your outer magnificence. Margaret is the top tapping expert who grew her business from zero to three quarters of a million in less than 4 years by focusing her tapping around money. Through her Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping on acupuncture points, she has helped thousands of people clear out their money blocks and tap into their personal power.


Clear Out Your Money Blocks

“The way I set the stage is that when it comes to your money and success, your money, personal power and success are very connected and they can never really be disconnected.  You work on money stuff, but you also have to work on your personal power.  We work on the money blocks and personal power blocks.  If you do one without the other, you could earn a lot of money and get rid of it.

Two things create wealth. Income is going to greatly affect it because that is where the money is coming in, but also it includes your personal power. When I say personal power, what I mean is a whole bucket of things. I am talking about your energy, charisma, actions, passion, brilliance and your positive self-discipline.

The biggest impact that you can have on creating money is really upping your personal power and in looking at your specific blocks that you might have in money. Those are the two keys.  What blocks do you have in your money and what blocks do you have in your power?  How can we take those and transform them?” Margaret Lynch.


It’s All About The First Chakra

It all starts with a solid foundation. Because the first Chakra is your foundation, charging it up can take care of 99% of the things. And only when you keep your first Chakra open, you can become like a magnet – when people feel your energy, enthusiasm, they will want to work with you. The first Chakra is your body, which is why it is so important to feel your body, to feel connected to it and to feel safe in it. Did you know that 99% of us think our body but don’t feel it? Margaret added that when we don’t feel safe in our body, and we don’t trust or reject our physical body, we are rejecting ourselves at the most basic level, which is the first Chakra level.


Open Your Chakra With Tapping

Start voicing things that are resident in you and negative. Margaret walked us through tapping, a clearing technique, where we were tapping on different acupunctural points of our body while voicing and releasing all the negative things. This is the first step because only when you become conscious of all the negative things you can make a choice, a decision how to handle it.

I love how Margaret links personal power, wealth and charisma to the ancient vedic chakra energy system. We really are vessels for energy and so much of our potential stays trapped just waiting for us to unleash it.

Are you trying to “live your passion” but don’t quite FEEL…Alive, Magnetic, Charismatic, Free, Joyful? I love tapping because it helps you make instant shifts, and VERY powerful ones too!

Listen into the full recording here:


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Margaret Lynch is an author, success coach, and top tapping expert and heralded as the “Tapping for Money Rock Star.” Margaret has x-ray vision for seeing the fears and limiting beliefs that keep success minded people limited in their money and personal power, and she helps them clear their inner blocks through tapping. She used to have inner blocks about success and finances, despite being in the first Tapping World Summit. So she focused her tapping around money and grew her business from zero to three quarters of a million dollars in less than four years, and from having a few subscribers to over 100,000! Margaret loves to teach tapping to others because she enjoys seeing people get the same results she has. Find out more about her technique and products at

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