Mastering The Art of Engagement – Why Authenticity is The New Currency in Business Today

Are you tired of people’s eyes glazing over when you tell them what you do?

Do you feel like the teacher from Charlie Brown, like the words are coming out of your mouth but all people hear is wa wa wah wah wah?

Face it if you’re not standing out amongst the crowd you’re just another boring sales pitch.

How to Connect More Authentically with Your Clients and Why it Crucial To Your Success


So how to do you engage your clients in this automated,  drive through society where machines have replaced the need for human connection? And why the heck am I standing on a stage with a mop in between my legs?

People are DYING now more than ever for connection …and the mop, well it’s just part of my story, a very compelling story. Here’s why you want to share authentic and compelling stories with your clients and why it’s crucial to your success.

Your clients don’t want more information and they DONT need any more information, they are suffering from information overload – it’s become an epidemic!

With flooded in boxes and mailboxes how do you stand out above the crowd?


Share Stories not Numbers


Tell them a good ol fashioned story. Stories give your clients what they want which is to feel inspired, to feel moved and feel understood.

We were raised on stories, we’ve been hardwired to learn through stories-  everyone knows Goldilocks and the three bears. The more dramatic the story the better – especially if it involves some form of failure. People love to hear about failure! They’re addicted to it, and trained to respond to it from the media.  It’s juicy and engaging!

So instead of trying to cover up your failures, share them with the world, share your stories of struggle. It’s the fastest way to engage your clients attention and connect with them in an authentic way.

I’m always amazed when I survey my coaching clients and ask them “why did you chose to work with me?” the answer is always the same, “because you’re down to earth and real”. Hmmm very interesting. I wouldn’t call a 6″2 inch woman flying around on stage with a mop in between her legs ‘down to earth’  but hey, that’s just me.

“People don’t want more information. They want epiphanies – and they don’t get epiphanies from data; they get it from re-enacted stories. It’s not indulgent to share your personal experiences. On balance, it’s an opportunity to connect in a resonant, relevant way people are yearning for.” – Sam Horne

What stories could you tell your clients about how you climbed the ladder to success? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What’s something you can look back at now and laugh about? What story could you tell about a lesson well learnt?


Post your answers below – I’d love to read and connect with you 🙂





  • Fabulous Vanessa…so true, so true. Everyone has a story. Now they need to find the courage to tell it.

    • Vanessa Simpkins says:

      Hmmm Yes Wanda, courage! It’s amazing you know when you find the courage to share your story that is when your tribe really starts to connect with you – you draw into yourself the perfect clients who are so wonderful to work with because they really GET you and on a heart level. Authenticity ~ it’s the most powerful tool you can have in your business. Have a wonderful day Wanda, can’t wait for our photo shoot together!

  • Bruno says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Great article in last issue of Motivated Magazine !

    Wish you the best


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