I was on a coaching call this morning with a client celebrating a HUGE win with her as she told me all about the corporate client her and her sales team secured last week… EXACTLY as she had envisioned it happening!

If you take into account the lifetime value of this newly secured client it adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Another intention manifested.

My client wanted to attract and work with companies that would continue to use her products and continue ordering her services for life. Done deal!

I love hearing my clients share with me how empowered, confident and happy they are with the results they are creating in their lives. I love it – it gives me a high! It really does.

One of the very first things  I work on with people is helping them get clarity about what they are wanting because clarity is power.

There’s a wonderful book I highly recommend by Dr. Wayne Dyer I read it years ago it’s called “The Power of Intention” and it’s one of my favorite books because he introduces   intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place.”

I love Wayne Dyer and I’ve read all his books, and had the pleasure of meeting him last year in person, another intention realized!

Allowing the Act of Creation to Take Place

We are really only here in this world to create and enjoy the results of our creations. ENJOY…

A big mistake I see folks making is getting caught up in whether or not they deserve to have such and such.  It’s amazing how few people give themselves the permission to even engage in the POSSIBILITY of having what it is they want without their mind jumping in and trying to figure out how it will happen.

Do you have a hard time allowing yourself to think about and get clear about what it is you really want?

I always begin my work with clients by helping them get CRYSTAL clear about what exactly it is that they are wanting to experience. I find just the act of getting clarity is often enough to begin the attraction process for them and off to the races they go!

How to Activate the

Power of Intention In Your Day

I share a powerful intention writing process in my book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” as a bonus but I will share a condensed version of it here so you can start attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want starting right now!

Take 15 minutes ( I do this at the beginning of each day) and write out what you would like to experience in your day. This is a bit different than a regular “to do” list however it’s been proven that people who write to do lists accomplish more in their day – what I’m talking about is creating an experience list.

What are your intentions for the day? How would you like to feel as you do xyz today? Who would you like to spend time with? What kind of people would you like to work with? What would you like to be involved in? What news would you like to receive?

The more time energy and focus you spend contemplating and creating your “intentions”, the faster the opportunities show up for you to realize and experience them. Clarity is power so don’t give it away to confusion – use it well.

How have you used the power of intention to create something amazing in your life? Post your comment below I’d love to hear from you!

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom


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