Are You Still Hiding Out? 3 Ways to Breakthrough Your Visibility Blocks

I can remember what it felt like as if it were yesterday to be hiding out in my massage therapy and acupressure business in that uncomfortable comfortable place. I wasn’t attracting enough clients, and was terrified of promoting myself and putting my expertise out there for the world to see. So I continued to delude myself with the thinking that since I was doing “spiritual work” it was ok to be broke because at least my work was making a difference.

It hurts now to even reread what I just wrote but that’s the truth. Starting out I majorly lacked confidence in myself and I  didn’t have what it took to be a successful entrepreneur, meaning …I sucked at marketing and selling myself!

My invitation to you is to stop hiding out and being the best kept secret out there! If you are a holistic practitioner or want to be one some day, a service professional who’s mission it is to transform the world – breaking through your visibility blocks and getting your message out there in a bigger way is possible and necessary! The world needs you, and EVERYONE has some kind of expertise or personal experience they can share that makes a difference and that  people are willing to pay good money for.

So What’s Really Stopping You?

After mentoring and coaching hundreds of clients about this very topic of breaking through self worth issues I’ve discovered there are 3 main problems that holistic practitioners and service professional face when growing their businesses.


#1 – Own Your Value

Have you ever said to yourself – “I just need to take one more course and THEN I’ll be ready!”

Most of the clients I work with are over qualified and suffer from the “I’m not good enough” syndrome which is a major block because it can totally paralyze you. Suffering from low self esteem and self worth can make you constantly compare and judge yourself against others.  Your mind constructs all kinds of excuses for not getting out there and sharing your brilliance in order to keep you “safe”  – because that’s it’s job! Your job in order to expand and grow is to take your mind right out of the equation. So let’s look at the cold hard facts.

Here is a fabulous exercise to help you really own your value and see the tangible benefits of the work that you provide.

Draw 5 circles one inside each other (shown in the image) . In the very center circle write out a list of all of the problems your product or service solves for your clients.

In the second circle write down all of the ways your product or service impacts your clients “MONEY” or finances If you are an investment adviser for example you could write “saves them money, doubles their income, saves them on taxes, builds their retirement fund ect..

In the third circle list all of the ways your product or services impacts your clients  “Health and Wellbeing” in a positive way. Maybe your service is life coaching on how to live without stress and by working with you, your clients “are less stressed and understand the importance of including FUN into their schedules,  they laugh more, are more easy going and stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the simple things in life more often, join a gym and maybe lose weight, have more free time to spend with friends, get better sleep, are more happier” etc.

In the fourth circle list all of the ways your product or services benefits overlap into your clients “Family & Relationships”. Using the last example if your clients take more time for themselves and are happier, laugh often and get better sleep – how will that impact their relationships with their spouses and children? Will they be better mothers and fathers? Will they have more time to play with their kids? Will they plan and take more vacations? Will they be a more romantic and attentive partners?

In the final circle you want to list all the ways working with you will impact their “Future Potential”. This is where you write down all of the ways your work impacts humanity through these people. How will their kids lives be changed, and how will they now go out and interact with the world? Will they model these new behaviors, insights,  income strategies, better health? And how will this effect the generations to come?

Are you starting to see how your work creates a positive ripple effect and transforms the world?

If you haven’t already stopped reading and taken the time to do this simple but PRFOUND excersise do it now. My clients always report feeling SO good after doing this exercise because it really outlines the benefits and VALUE they provide for their clients – immediately!

Think about the answers you came up with in this exercise the next time you are pricing your products and services or having to quote a potential new client. This is a fast way to boost your confidence and own your self worth and VALUE that you provide to your clients.


#2 – Start Making Offers and LOTS of them

Another big problem entrepreneurs struggle with is making money – generating sales and revenue for their business because they are unclear about the benefits their product or service provides and because they aren’t out there making consistent offers.

Now that you have your answers from the previous exercise you can gather all of those TANGIBLE BENEFITS into a list and use those to promote your products and services. Using the right language is key to winning the hearts of your clients. When your potential clients feel that you really understand their pain and problems and can offer solutions to those – you’re in business!

Next you’ve got to get out there and start making more offer to your ideal target market.

The secret to my success on the mop stage and the reason I was able to generate some huge profit days of $900 and more was because I made consistent offers. When I was working in Sears and Canadian Tires across the country I would get up on my stage and make 6-9 x20 minute shows everyday. This helped me iron out my show – and all of the kinks in my talk and master making offers. And that’s what I suggest you do too.

Find a community of your ideal clients and find a way to offer a signature talk, or workshop or even a free gift to them that allows you to begin a relationship with them.  Notice I didn’t say SELL them. The first step is really for people to get to know like and trust you – to taste test you.

Educate and inspire your new community about what is possible for them through working with you and then make them an irresistible offer they can’t refuse.


#3 Make a Plan & and Take Action!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Don’t let the fear of failure or the fear of being visible or any other fear stop you from getting started and getting your message out there.

Becoming visible, marketing and promoting yourself  and getting the word out there about your business is the fast track to success.

My clients often tell me that they feel like they are caught in a catch 22 because putting themselves out there in a bigger way terrifies them AND they also know they need to be doing it in order to attract more clients.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “I’ll get out there are start promoting myself when I have more confidence”. Remember confidence comes from action. The more action you take the more mistakes you make the faster you learn.

I can pin point the exact date when I turned the tables in my business and went from farting around and having a hobby business to successfully self employed. That moment was when I decided to commit to my success and that meant investing in my business and coming up with a plan to grow it and action steps to take in order to reach those goals.  I hired a mentor who was able to guide me in accomplishing my goals because she had already accomplished them herself.

So if you are tired of struggling to grow your business invest in yourself.

I was having a conversation this morning at a networking event with a guy who was sheepishly telling me about the $20,000 he invested in a personal development program he did few years back. Here was an investment broker telling me that the best way to invest money your money is in your own education. I agreed. When you invest in yourself you can NEVER lose out.

So if you’re tired of hiding out – get mentored or coached. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and model them. Make sure you hire someone who you resonate with and who “gets” you and your work.

When you believe and invest in yourself and others will believe and invest in you too!

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom



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