3 "F" Words That Rob YOU of Success and How to Get RID of Them! Part 1 of 3

Are you stuck in procrastination and overwhelm spinning your wheels in your business?

Would you love to know how to blast through fear and those inner blocks so you can reach more people with your message, make more money and achieve true FREEDOM for yourself?

One of the biggest blocks to success I notice A LOT of entrepreneurs making is allowing the fear of failure to stop them from getting started. Let me share a personal story from Costa Rica…

I go boogie boarding every morning, Some people, just getting started stay safe, close to the shore. They barely wet their toes. They hold their fear close AND they’re missing out on the BEST ride of their life!

Amazingly, some young kids just jump in with both feet and do it! NO fear. Sure sometimes the wave takes you, sometimes it whomps you bad, and you come stuffing up for air looking like a wet rat, sputtering with snot drooling down your face…but guess what?

You learn. You learn how to duck the waves, how to catch the right, best, and most FUN waves and when to go out in between sets. It just keeps getting easier.

Same thing with your business. The trick is to GET into action! It’ the only way you’re going to learn.

Do you know what the actual word FAIL stands for?

FAIL – First. Action. In. Learning.

Don’t let the fear of failure rob you of your success –it’s the most common inner block I notice entrepreneurs struggling with and it literally stops them dead in their tracks… so, start making mistakes.

HECK even CELEBRATE them! Because if you are making mistakes it means you are learning! The old adage “practice makes perfect” is so true.

How to Stop Spinning &  Get Into Action

Tip: Where has ‘fear of failure’ delayed your taking action in your business?

Do this simple exercise right now.

1. Write down the next 3 steps you can take right now and START! This is so simple and it’s the same thing I teach my most successful coaching clients!

2. CELEBRATE each step accomplished ~ VERY IMPORTANT ~ so you continue to keep the momentum and do the next step!

I’ll let you in on a personal secret – I became the top sales person for a company selling mops, which you can read all about it in my book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops,” because I failed miserably!! MANY, MANY, MANY times over!

In fact each time I opened a new store run (which would last 10 days or so) I had to come right back to the drawing board to figure out these new clients and what motivated them to buy from me. EACH new store! It would take me 2 – 3 days of making offers 6-7 times per day to figure it out. Then once I did – it was a piece of cake. What would have happened if I gave up on the first failure?

Allow yourself the space to LEARN and make a few mistakes – it won’t kill you I promise BUT the FEAR of making mistakes will prevent you from ever learning.

Fear is hostile. It will keep you locked in, stagnant, frustrated and, more importantly, in a constant state of procrastination. Making mistakes is the way to progress and MASTERY!

When I was riding horses as a teenager and taking lessons and had my own horse, my coach used to tell me whenever I fell off that it takes 100 falls to become a great rider…. “Just think Vanessa you only have 97 more times to go!” Back then I wanted to smack him for saying that but in hindsight he was absolutely right!

How to BLAST Through Procrastination and Overwhelm and Into Profitable Action

If you are READY to blast your inner blocks, move past procrastination and let go of fear so you can experience real freedom in your business check out my latest “Sales Attraction Secrets” 2 part teleclass series on special now for a limited time.


To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom
Vanessa Simpkins


Transformational Money Mentor and Sales Attraction
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  • Kevin says:

    Loved your post on your boogie boarding analogy with life.
    I am 58 and love to go out boogie boarding in Acapulco and Puerto
    Vallarta and notice how many adults have buried their child-like get up and
    go inside them.
    I am not the youngest out there but definitely in the less popular age group.
    I so much enjoy sharing the ocean with the young go getters who show such
    joy and excitement from riding a great wave that it well frankly it is
    I also recently ran in an 8K race and introduced myself to a fellow runner next to me before the race began. When I told him my age, he smiled and said, “Wait til I get home and tell my dad, he is 54 and thinks he is too old to start jogging.”
    So we are all examples to each other.
    As my mother who has been gone 16 years now, told me.
    There are some people who light up a room by entering, and some light up a room by their leaving. You get to decide which one you are going to be.”
    Thanks for the inspiring post.
    Kevin in Chicago

    • Vanessa Simpkins says:


      I hear ya -some people take life WAY to seriously! Sounds like you have the travelling spirit as well 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed my post. Today was another fabulous day at the beach, big waves, big sun, beautiful sun set. It’s like the song goes “We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time… the sun can’t shine everyday!” famous words to live by!

      Thank you for posting your comment Kevin. I wish you boat loads of fun surf!

      Vanessa in Costa Rica

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