Why Having NO Plan is Sometimes the BEST Plan!

I’m on the plane flying into Costa Rica for my 5 week getaway into nature last week when I suddenly remember upon landing that I hadn’t booked my hotel for that first night. I had two opportunities to book a hotel. One at the same time as my flight and again when confirming my flight before leaving, but I just wasn’t felt guided to. On the plane I made my list of intentions for my “Ideal Trip to Costa Rica” which included “connecting with open, spiritual, heart centered happy people who share the same values as me and have wonderful gifts and talents that are willing and thrilled to share with me”. Travelling and connecting with the right kind of people is very important to me.

The trip got off to a great start – both flights I manifested extra leg room emergency exit row seating ~ sweet! I’m very tall 6”2 so that just made my trip! And then…I heard guy the sitting next to me talk about a sermon he was giving. We got to chatting and he told me about his brush with depression, how it nearly killed him and how he overcame it, wrote a book about it and was here in Costa Rica with a group of missionaries over the next 10 days to speak and empower people to embrace God into their lives.

I told him I was an author as well and he gave me his book. I met his friends who were all fabulous open and warm spiritual people who instantly embraced me and we travelled through the airport together. They invited me to their hotel, a bus with a tour guide picked us up from the airport and we laughed our way to a great hotel in San Jose where I got my own room. I woke up in the morning and had breakfast with my new friends and spent the ENTIRE morning immersed in great company exploring spiritual ideas, stories and spontaneous healing. Oh and the bus station I had to get to in order to make my way up north that same day was situated only a 10 minute taxi drive from my hotel… I LOVE MY LIFE~ can it get any better than this?

At the Heart of True Success is Grace

This experience of divine synchronicity coming in to guide me was a beautiful way to start off my trip and talking with my new friends got me thinking just how little room we make in our lives for The Universe – or God to come in and “surprise us” with grace.

You know what I mean, these amazing connections and synchronicites, when things just pop in almost delivered to you on a silver platter ( my friend Anita gave me this idea I liked it so much I now teach the “Silver Platter Method” in my workshops.)

Think about it, just how jammed packed is your schedule? With all the meetings, appointments, clients, networking events, writing, proposals ect when was the last time you scheduled in some time to just EXPLORE what life has in store for you?

Robert Holden in his book “Authentic Success” calls this mad dash for success the “Manic Society”. We feel guilty taking any time for ourselves, everything we do is about being effective and productive and then we wonder why we sabotage our days or evenings in front of mindless TV shows or gulp down whole liters of ice cream to “reward” ourselves for all our hard work. Work then actually becomes work, tedious, and exhausting. Life becomes so controlled and routine there is little if any room for serendipity to delight your day with meaningful presence, guidance, and wonder.

It’s not Selfish its SMART

Schedule time for yourself to just BE, to be at the mercy of life, to let go of the reigns a bit and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. Look at your calendar and block some “ME” time out. If you don’t block it out I guarantee your work and business will. The most common complaint I hear from my clients is that there is NEVER enough time. You have to make time, that’s the whole illusion of time.
Julia Cameron the author of “The Artists Way” encourages people to take “artist walks” a day to explore your creativity and explore what life has to gift you with.

I really had no other plan for my 5 week trip to Costa Rica other than teaching a workshop here in Monte Verde near the rainforest reserve up at the Rio Shanti Yoga Studio. I said YES to life…I was invited by a client of mine who purchased my book last year when it came out, my very first international speaking engagement! I love how my international speaking career has me starting in a country where my toes get to delight in wearing flip flops! And get this a year ago to the date EXACTLY on March 8th when my client Mary received my book in the mail last year, I arrived in here Costa Rica this year…March 8th. Love the synchronicity!

And it keeps getting better – so my message for you today my breakthrough to success tip is to create some space in your schedule to allow grace to show up and surprise you. I promise you won’t die if you let go of control. Who knows where life might take you, you might even wind up on a beach somewhere sipping lemonade in the sun. The universe has a perfect plan for you if you will only allow it to unfold.

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom


  • Marian says:

    You will love Costa R. We, too got there because we offered our home as host family for a C.R. 4-H student. ended up going several times. God opens doors, & sometimes we have to open our eyes to really ‘get it’….sometimes ‘miss it’! God bless you! Our family farms at Santa Elena, right by Monteverde! What Paradise! So happy you can experience ‘pure life’. Hugs…M.

    • Vanessa Simpkins says:

      Marian I was in Santa Elena yesterday at the farmers market, picked up some tomales and passion fruit, yummm! The Universe or God or that higher force definitely guides each one of us if we are open to see, hear and feel the signs. It is a truly magical way of living, and loving life. Love to you from Monte Verde…V

  • Bruno says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks to upcoming tedxwestmount, i was gifted to discover your blog and, most importantly, à connected person ! I enjoy those kind of person receptive to synchronical évents.
    You mention That you met an author who faces depression: CAN you let me Know of his book ? My father is facing à heavy depression, so could provide me some clues to help him on his path. It would make my day with this info.

    Enjoy your journey in Costa rica, Vanessa

    With gratitude


    • Vanessa Simpkins says:

      Hi Bruno ~

      So happy you found my blog and reached out here. I did meet someone who wrote a book about getting over his depression by reaching out to GOD – his name is Mike Morrison from Philadelphia. I don’t know if he has a website or not – his book is called “Suffering to Surrender”.

      I would suggest your dad pick up a copy of the “Release Technique” it’s changed my life I use it every day and I teach it to my clients -its the reason I am in Costa Rica AND it has also proved VERY effective with depression.

      I did an interview you might enjoy with Larry Crane who has been teaching the Release Technique for 28 years. You can listen to it here. These audios are part of a paid program but I feel guided to share it with you. You can read all about the technique and see testimonials here. http://www.ReleaseTechnique.com

      Love to you Bruno~

      • Bruno says:

        Hi Vanessa,

        I was able to Find associated web site, it is http://www.sufferingtosurrender.org/

        I Will Listen carefully to the audio i was blessed to receive. So Many coïncidence are coming to me as i started again to allow in my Life. i consider now Life as à synchronicity Hunt, and i feeling my purpose in life should not be so far away since i was looking for life meaning since 20 years.

        So grateful That i was given the opportunity to cross your path ! For sûre, thé next TEDxWesmount Will définitly be inspiring !

        Keep inspire us Vanessa ! Peace to you, Bruno

        • Vanessa Simpkins says:

          Wonderful Bruno!

          So happy you are in the flow of self love, your purpose in life is to LOVE…everyone has the same purpose! lol When you are in love with life, life will love you back and [provide everything you need including inspiration.

          Love to you Bruno~ See you in TEdxWestmount

          PS: I also created a video about speaking at TEDX here

          If you want to help me spread the good word about the upcoming event “Spread Success” please share it with your fans and friends on social media.

          LOVE to you Bruno!

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