Stop the Struggle! How to Attract More Sales Using the Law of Attraction no Matter What the Economy is Doing!
Do you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs enjoy flourishing thriving businesses while others spin their wheels scratching for crumbs? How can we apply the law of attraction in our businesses to attract more of the right customers on a consistent basis? And what about all of this “downturn” economy talk – how can we get around it?

These are the questions I explored on my recent call with Hemal Radia, manifesting and law of attraction expert and the author of “Find you and you Find Everything. Secrets to the Law of Attraction”.

The Biggest Mistakes You Could be Making that Cost You Thousands in New Business.

This “Super Coach” spent years investigating, learning and researching NLP neuro linguistic programming the science behind how our nervous systems are programmed for success or struggle before delving into the universal laws of attraction.

What I wanted to know was how can we avoid unnecessary struggle and work in growing our businesses, and what were some of the more common mistakes he witnessed people making on a continual basis that literally cost people thousands of dollars in new business. His answer was simple.

People go at business with their minds not their heart, or feelings. With emotions we create, we send out a calling card to those who would be perfectly suited for us. In “marinating” in the feeling of what it would feel like to have an abundant thriving business, we attract all necessary components to us. Weather it be clients, sales, funds, help you name it. The trick is in unleashing our emotions.

“The Secret” a popular hit movie that really exploded law of attraction onto the personal development scene for many, didn’t delve into the “how” of unleashing the power of emotions, what Hemal radia claims is THE KEY to prospering in business.

It’s all about getting into your “flow” what you want already exists, your job is to get into a good feeling in every moment and by doing that, you naturally align yourself to RECEIVE what you are wanting.

A great exercise to get you in the flow is to write out what you would be doing if your business was where you wanted it to be. With whom would you be interacting with on a daily basis? How would you spend your days? How would you be enjoying more free time?

Because “money” doesn’t excite folks, money is just a piece of paper. What the money can buy you is exciting. So focus yourself on the feelings of having those things you are wanting.

The theme word of our call was “marinating” by marinating yourself in the feeling of a thriving business, just like you’d marinate a steak before setting it onto the BBQ you achieve this level of vibration of success that then calls into your experience more clients and more sales easily.

People think it has to be work, so they work and work and work. Hemal is saying to find your flow, do what makes you feel good, and grateful in each moment, so that you become in alignment with you then you find everything, the theme of his book which I highly recommend. A very easy read where he outlines practical tips for manifesting just about anything!

Another great way to shift your vibration and get into the flow is by writing a gratitude list at the end of each day. A process he takes his clients through. It could be a list about how you appreciate yourself, since many people have very low opinions and low self worth when it comes to deserving money. These simple daily exercises are creating huge turn a rounds for his clients.

When problems arise as they always do, Hemal suggests to focus on enjoying the process of creating. When you find yourself going down the rabbit hole, creating resistance and drowning in negative thoughts ask yourself – how would I like the situation to unfold?

In truth we live in an abundant universe. No matter what the economy is doing we have a choice to focus on discuss and explore what we want to. Paradigms of scarcity and lack we can re-program through the discipline of choosing to feel better in each moment.

Hemal helps his clients achieve success through his “Manifesting Excellence Group Coaching Program” which includes 4 live calls one per week for the low price of 37$ per month. Find out more about Hemal’s program here and how you can try it out for only 4.95$ for 7 days.

Jump start your success and unleash the power within you, becoming more conscious and intentional is, in my opinion, the groundwork of any thriving business.

Full Power to Your Success!

Vanessa Simpkins

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