Activating the Alchemy of Wild Abundance in Your Business

Are you feeling called to make a real difference in the world but are tired of spinning your wheels trying to attract more business? Would you like to learn how to unleash your own potential, brilliance, creativity and genius?

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur chances are you are UBER creative and also cringe when it comes to the idea of marketing and sales. Unfortunately there is NO WAY around marketing; everyone knows it’s the life blood of any strong and successful business.

Soleira Green co-founder of the visionary network and author of ‘The Alchemical Coach … Coaching Passion, Potential and Power’ and ‘The Evolution of Everything … A Bio Myth for the 21st Century’ is an evolutionary consciousness expert AND puts an entirely different spin on marketing your business.

She uses specific energy processes to “super charge the field of limitless potential” with her business offers and then sits and watches as a flood of new clients come and find her…this is the fore front of energetic business building and in my opinion VERY VERY COOL!

Since everything is connected through a “weave” of energy … what scientists now refer to as the field of collective consciousness … by tapping into this morphic field we can also tap into resonant people, resources, clients, etc. that we’d like to attract.


3 Keys to Activating the Alchemy of
Wild Abundance in Your Business!


Tapping into different facets of collective consciousness, one of which Soleira calls that “deep WILD place within us”, is like connecting with your own unique GPS guidance system. This is a process of true attraction and intention, a way for conscious entrepreneurs to transform obstacles into opportunities to accelerate their ultimate business success in a way that is powerful, authentic and very connected.

Need to figure out your marketing message? No problem – tune in. What about hiring a good web designer? Same, tap into your GPS system and listen for what comes to you via the collective field.
Here are the three key steps to connecting with this knowing field so you can find the answers to just about any question including what next steps to take in your brilliant business.

#1 – Connecting with your GPS Guidance System

Close your eyes, settle into yourself and imagine and feel yourself expanding. Become as big as your town, city, even as big as the world. This is a feeling energetic exercise and it’s VERY powerful.
If you have trouble visualizing and imagining this, try tapping into the “feeling” of the beauty we see around us, the abundance we see in nature, the oceans, or a mountain, a field of flowing flowers in the streaming afternoon sun. Connect with this free flowing force is like connecting with our own natural and wild, organic flow of abundance.

From this new space of expansion and flow ask your question and let it come to you. This is NOT a thinking process. This is like reaching into the knowing fields and allowing the answers to come. Kind of like putting in an address in your car GPS system in and then accessing a new travel route within seconds. Feeling supercharged with energy as you complete this process, now open your eyes and record your experience in a journal.

#2- Calling in New Clients!

In order to call in more clients energetically Soleira has another process, this one slightly different.

BE WARNED, you might just call in more business than you can handle! That’s what happened to Soleira one January afternoon when she started playing with this process. All of a sudden she became overwhelmed with new business clients calling from out of the blue, and all on the same day!
Here are the steps involved…

Feel yourself expanding, see yourself bigger than you are, feel yourself as big as the city you live in, then the nation, then who knows maybe even the world.

There is yet another layer of collective consciousness Soleira explains where all resonant, co-creative, brilliant and powerful people play connected through the “weave”. Not the collective layer where people are connected through fear and public knowledge or media scandals, a much more heightened layer where you find the people who are celebrating this time in life and celebrating their co-creative powers and realizing their own brilliant potential.

This is the field you want to connect with. And when you do, when you reach into this weave of life with your business and your offer you can spread it kind of like sowing seeds while actually supercharging the field with it.

Next call in your clients consciously. Say who you are and what you have to offer and then ask “if this is a right match for you, come and find me”.

The last step involves thanking and gifting these people with a feeling of wild abundance, flow and connection before they even arrive.

This is a process of “exhilarating” your message into the pure flow of potentiality and thanking it for landing and calling in the right folks to work with.

#3 Intrigued? Find out how you can learn more.

If you’re as intrigued, pulled, and called to explore this new way of conscious business building as I am, then you’ll love Soleira Green’s Work!

She offers a multitude of different teleclasses, one of her most popular called “The Aliveners Teleseries” a 4 week teleclass where conscious creators can come together and co-create and play with streamlining energy to call in and grow their business. She also trains and certifies “Visionary Coaches” for those interested in immersing even deeper into the transforming our world.

To find out more visit, fill out the contact form there and be sure to mention my name Vanessa Simpkins – and you’ll receive a special bonus from Soleira.

Full Power to your Success!
Vanessa Simpkins

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