Being in the "Flow" of Life and Prosperity for Business Success

Are you looking for a way to realize more of your potential the fast and easy way? Been caught feeling stuck and struggling to make it all happen? You’re in for a treat, here’s my personal 5 part success strategy for manifesting what you want the fast and easy way:) Enjoy!

You know it’s actually more important to feel good in each moment then it is to take action from a place where you feel you HAVE to. When you feel good, you take the “right” action versus doing something because you feel you have to. One creates resistance the other puts you in the flow, can you feel the difference?

Become aware of what feels good for you in each moment and allow yourself to do that. Maybe it’s taking a nap, or eating something or doing even nothing, taking no action at all.

#1-Feel good first and the rest will follow

When you feel good you naturally tune into a higher vibration, and since everything is energy operating through the universal law of attraction then what you vibrate you also attract back to you. If you feel good you will attract more reasons to feel good. If you feel wealthy you will attract more reasons to feel wealthy, same thing for happiness, health, love ect.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to feel good right now is to get outside and feel the sun on your body. I don’t know one person who does not enjoy the warmth of the sun. It’s a fast way to tune into how you feel and it’s free. I have a chapter about tuning into the abundant vibration of nature in my book “From bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops. Rising Entrepreneurs How to mop u on Cash in Any Economy!”

What can you do right now to feel better, what’s the first thing that comes to mind. Start and work from there. What I find my clients struggle with the most is allowing themselves to go with what feels good. It’s like there is this programming that stops them and say’s “no you have to do ‘this first or this instead’” and it’s often a notion of some social standard or social conditioning of what’s right versus the intuitive pull of what is authentically right for that individual. Does that make sense? If you can tune into what feels right for you to do and do that, success will beat a path to your door faster than you can ever imagine.

Here’s a great radio interview I listened to recently with my friend Hemal Radia author of “Find you and You Find Everything – The Secrets to the Law of Attraction”

2-Focus on “What” you want not the “How” it’s going to get there

This is definitely the biggest block to experiencing abundance and authentic success. If you want to manifest something quickly spend time visualizing and emotionalizing the outcome, the goal in s vivid detail as you can right now. If the goal of your business is to eventually have the money to buy the house of your dreams then visualize living in that house, what it feels like to sit out on your deck out back, the bbq’s you’ll enjoy with your friends, harvesting your garden. Maybe your goal is to feel loved, respected, adored, empowered, celebrated so start feeling that way NOW.

The science of creating and manifesting is really the science of investigating how our minds work. The science of neuro conditioning has always fascinated me. Neuro pathways are links created in the mind, connections that get formed in your mind through the energy of emotions. They fire off energy and create pathways for new beliefs. So therefore creating new neuro pathways is the creation of new beliefs. We create new neuro pathways links in the mind and it through repetition and the repetition of emotion.

TIP: Spend some time before you drift off to sleep envisioning and living in your outcome. Ten to fifteen minutes is all you need. Do this until you feel yourself excited. You will tune yourself to the vibration of actually having it. And since your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference from what is real or imagined, since it works off of images, you will be attracting all co-operative people, experiences and opportunities to bring your vision to fruition. Click here to create your own personal subliminal affirmation cd.

3-Start a 100 day success challenge.

One of my secrets to success is a 100 day challenge. It’s how I started my business. I made myself a challenge for creating a blog in 100 days, and an authentic way to share my message. That was my first 100 day challenge. I created goals I wanted to achieve in 100 days. The trick is to challenge yourself with something outside your comfort zone something you know you could do if you would just get off your butt and stop procrastinating doing.


  • Pick 3-5 big goals you want to accomplish.
  • Write them down on a piece of paper
  • Pick a start date and end date
  • Journal, video blog or share your intentions via social media (this makes it real)
  • Keep noticing what shows up and be grateful
  • Pick 3 new habits you want to put in place to achieve your goals.

You can watch some of my earlier 100 day challenge videos here.
For a great resource on starting your first 100 day success challenge visit

4-Remember if you desire it, then it already exists

Some people think that their goals are way too farfetched. The truth is if you have a dream, a desire or a goal than you already possess everything you need in order to fulfill it and it already exists in the realm of energy just waiting for you to become a match and allow it in.

TIP: So don’t get hung up with thinking “who am I to accomplish this big hairy goal”. It’s a common block that stops a lot of entrepreneurs from allowing themselves to move closer to their goals. You CAN achieve your dreams because the simple fact of having those desires means you can also have what it takes to make it happen.

5-Practice the vibration of gratitude

It’s simple but not easy. Feeling grateful is the doorway that open to you the success you have been desiring. It’s simple but not easy because often times people make intentions once and then forget about it. The trick is to train yourself into a higher vibration from which you will become a match and allow what you want to come to you. The fastest way to do this is to practice feeling grateful.

TIP: I do this every morning before I get out of bed. I start my day by feeling grateful for all of the good things I have in my life. Even my cozy little bed:)

The more “time” you spend feeling grateful the more the universe will send you moments to be grateful for through the universal law of attraction. Gratitude is the ultimate feeling good vibration.

Full Power to Your Success!
Vanessa Simpkins


  • Joslin says:

    Thank you, Vanessa! I’ve only just found you recently and every time I read more or listen to what you have to say, it really seems to keep hitting me spot-on and exactly what I needed to hear/read right now. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Vanessa Simpkins says:


      I’m so happy that my work resonates with you ~ you’re very welcome. What is it you are looking for help with at the moment? Feel free to drop me a message on my private email vanessa (at) maybe I can help you further.


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