Connecting With the Divine Spirit or God & Wayne Dyer

I manifested a miracle….I met Wayne Dyer! Can you believe it?

From the “Power of Intention” man himself…actually Wayne Dyer’s book “The Power of Intention” was one of the first books on personal development I ever read.

Setting your intention is the first step in manifesting your goals and dreams.

1- Know what you want and state it in the positive ex: I am meeting Wayne Dyer and getting a photgraph with him

2- Believe in a power higher than yourself in charge of organizing all events.

3- Relax and enjoy your life and stay open to signs and signals from your subconscious. Sometimes your intuition will tell you to play a cetain song and on that particular day the lyrics hit you with the answer to a question you’ve been asking. Or you get the urge for an ice cream and on the way to the dep you catch a glimpse in the check out line at a headline on the daily newspaper, the answer to a question you’ve been wondering about.

Isn’t always when we are not pushing or forcing the  “way” that what we are seeking reveals itself?

The hardest part about allowing in a miracle is letting go of the perception of “who we think we are”. It is the EGO that likes to keep us feeling comfortable, the beleifs about who we are that keep us stuck in what we perpetually experience.  The trick is to “let go” and as Wayne say’s “let God”.

Full Power to Your Success

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