Forgiving Your Way to Abundance

I want to share with you a powerful process for re-connecting with the prosperity and abundance that is rightfully yours and that has somehow gotten pinched off from your flow through “learning” experiences and lessons in life where you might have taken on something to be the truth when it simply isn’t.

The power of forgiveness is amazing, and I really only started to work with forgiveness when my father passed away 2 and half years ago. I simply wasn’t willing to keep reliving all of the old patterns in my family.

One day something very interesting happened, I had the idea to do a forgiveness process around the subject of “money”, to forgive myself for all of the ways I sacrificed my personal integrity in the pursuit of money. All of the ways I had acted out of fear, worked in jobs I hated, kissed ass for money etc.

The results were phenomenal, and I started hitting those $900 dollar days once I forgave myself. It was literally one day to the next, FAST! I started coaching my clients with the process and they also started enjoying fantastic results. One of my clients within 4 days of doing the process moved out of his sticky situation and into independence with a new job in a new city. POWERFUL stuff!

So I want to share it with you, it’s simple…but not easy! I’ll bet that you are thinking to yourself right now “I’m in, I could use this process to attract more money into my life I’ll do anything!” but just watch that little voice, your ego, and notice how it will give you a thousand and one excuses to never find the time to actually DO this process. Notice it and move through it, and I promise you, you will have a HUGE Ah hah!

And here is the process it is very straightforward. It is a process I learned from a grievance councilor my good friend Lucy MacDonald, and I adapted it to work with money issues and it works FAST!

Forgiveness Process:

1- Pick a date and time to do this process.

2- Declare your intention to forgive YOURSELF for all of the ways you have sacrificed your integrity for money. All the ways you have acted out of alignment with you or done things that you didn’t want to do, worked in lousy jobs out of fear,  etc…

3- WRITE your letter expressing all of your fears, doubts, what you are angry about, feel betrayed about, scared about, let it rip! This is a journaling process, so just write as fast as you can don’t try and make it pretty just LET ER RIP! Here are some sentences to get you started…..I’m angry about….I’m afraid of….I can’t believe I …I’m choosing to release.

4- Pick a symbol you chose to represent this forgiveness process you are entering into. It could be a little something you can put on your desk every day to remind yourself. I use a heart pendant necklace as my reminder symbol.

5- Make a ritual – chose to burn, tear up, bury, let go of in a river this letter. (or flush it down the toilet, or bury it or throw it off a mountain top). Go out and read your letter to yourself and then say this “And I ___________(name) on this date chose to forgive myself. I chose to release all of these emotions that do not serve me anymore and I chose to invite money into my life, I chose to reconnect with my abundance and prosperity.

6- Record the day and time that you have entered into forgiveness. Any time the emotion comes up of anger or fear simply remind yourself that you have chosen to forgive yourself and chose to let go of this pattern of draining emotions.

That’s it! I know it sounds too simple, and it is SIMPLE but not easy. When you try and try and try to do things on the physical dimension without invoking, working on the energetic level you suffer and make your life harder for nothing.

Everything is energy. Everything can be manifested from the field of energy. You are a powerful creator and taking the time to do this ritual of self love and letting go is a MASSIVE sign to the universe that you are surrendering.

What happens when you release the resistance? The Universe can deliver to you now with ease.

The acts of RITUAL have been lost to our modern western society. We have a new ritual for forgiveness; it’s called going out and getting wasted. It is socially acceptable to get drunk and forget our problems but hokey pokey to actually deal with tour emotions in a positive way.

The power of ritual has been used for thousands of years, we still use it in marriage, the Japanese use it in “coming of age” ceremonies, and now I am inviting you to try it with “receiving more money” into your life.

Try it, and let me know how this changes your mindset on prosperity:)

Full Power to Your Success!


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