The Invisible Dimension of Wealth

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”~ Douglas H. Everett

I was listening to a fabulous audio program called “The World’s Greatest Teachers” by Bill Harris today and was reminded of a powerful nugget of wisdom I want to share with you.

Bill was interviewing Mr Bob Sheinfeld a man who’s made and helped many entrepreneurs make millions.

He said our higher expanded selves are what is doing the dirty work, taking care of the “how’s”. This was the big secret to this one man’s amazing fortune. He attributed his success to the ability to “ask” his expanded self or the invisible field for what was needed whether it be for money, people, opportunities, etc instead of trying to do everything in the physical realm.

This is a very controversial topic, of course I am all ears, Bob learnt from his grandfather who was responsible for creating Men inc. a fortune 500 company that generates 11 billion per year in revenue…think you could learn a thing or two about wealth from this man? Can you say ca ching!

He said we all come in here with a great mission. And to the extent that we veer off path, is the same extent of pressure life puts us through to get back on track. We can make the journey easy and less painful if we are open to asking for help from the invisible realm because that is where the real effort comes from, not from us. We are but actors in a movie, we play a part but we aren’t the directors.

So I guess what I did in the woods today? You betcha, I surrendered and had a little chat with the Universe. I laid it all out there, what I was looking for, whom I wanted to meet and declared my willingness to receive it all.

Do you ever talk to that invisible realm?

Full Power to Your Success!

Vanessa Simpkins

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