I Don’t Even Believe it, & Other Limiting Beliefs

By February 8, 2011Blog, Inspiration

“The path to guidance is one of love and compassion, not of force and coercion” ~ Bab

I had a revelation the other day and I’ve been sharing it with a few people whom all feel it is wonderful and so I decided to share it today with you as well. I’ll tell it as a story.

Two weeks ago my van broke down. I am new to this area my garage guy is in the city so I asked the Universe to help me know who to take my van to. Right? Classic woman with car trouble. I didn’t want to get taken for a ride so I asked the Universe to help me know the RIGHT mechanic to go to who would do a good job and charge me fairly. I asked to have a clear sign.

So the tow truck guy shows up and asks me where to tow my truck and I give him the address of the place that put on my winter tires this fall. “Uh oh” he says, “I wouldn’t take my car to that place is if were you”.

“What do you mean?” I ask worried.

“Well it’s just that we’ve had some bad experiences with that dealer and you’d be much better off going to our garage”.

Now I am thinking to myself “common who says that right?” I can’t help but think that this guy is the crook trying to get me to go over to his garage. Now I feel totally confused I don’t know who to believe.

So I call this new garage owner and speak with him and he is very “detached” doesn’t want to talk bad about the other garage and tells me he’ll tow me anywhere I;d like to go but that he doesn’t suggest that garage.

Hmm I think to myself “he is so detached maybe he is the one I should go with?” So I agree to have my van towed to this new garage.

It all works out, he fixes the van, my brake callipers were broken, made sense as to why the brake light had been on for the entire month prior. And then it HITS ME!

The lesson in all of this, my big revelation.

Here I am asking the Universe for guidance, and when it shows up, I DON’T EVEN BELEIVE IT!

I ask the universe for a sign, quickly, clearly and when it shows up I don’t even believe it.

Here this tow truck dude is telling me exactly what I had been asking, right? Direct guidance about where to get my van fixed.

WOW, so I started to unravel the subconscious beliefs behind this one.

1st I don’t believe I can get signs that fast, or that the Universe will come to my rescue will be there for me, will guide me so quickly and accurately. Second, underneath that is another belief that I somehow don’t deserve to have this kind of support and guidance from the Universe, so let’s delete that one too.

Hun, imagine that, I ask and I receive just like that. Now I’ve been testing this new theory out in EVERY facet of my life and MAN WHAT A TRIP it has been:)

My new reality is this: things happen fast for me. I allow it to be easy, I allow it to come to me, I receive all of the guidance, signs, opportunities, wisdom, clarity, money, abundance, love, support, ect RIGHT NOW. Right now, how cool is that?

So what are your beliefs around “receiving” creating for you? Misery, struggle and pain, or ease,flow and gratitude?

Something interesting for you to ponder….

Full Power to Your Success!

Vanessa Simpkins

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