You ARE a Powerful Creative Being!

By November 22, 2010Blog, Inspiration

Your job here is to experience yourself in every moment by CHOOSING how you show up. We attract all of our experiences so that we can then choose how to experience ourselves as powerful creators in every moment. We attract the darkness so we can be the light. ~Vanessa Simpkins~

I’ve been listening to Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversations with God” trilogy books through audio, and LOVING every minute of it!

My biggest take away is this quote above that we really are powerful creators who are here to experience ourselves in every moment.

Think about it for a minute. When chatting with your friends, are you complaining at how things aren’t going right or are you choosing to create a better more inspiring and more exciting life, because we do have a choice! It’s ALL about choice.

Step 1- The first step to creating your life the way you want it, is to be present with yourself and your emotions. Whenever you are in fear, this lets you know you are separating yourself from the creative source, God, the Universe the “Flow” whatever you want to call it.

Step 2 – State what you want to create instead of experiencing this fear which is based solely on past experiences.

Step 3 – Realize you do have a choice, where your emotions go your experience flows. Make your intentions.

That’ it simple 3 step process. The more you practice this, the more in tune you will feel.
I have a positive affirmation mantra that I say to myself when I feel off, and it’s “I am calm, focussed, balanced and strong”.

What kind of mantra do you want to reprogram yourself with?

Take the time to tune in with yourself every day and find out what is most important to you. Connect, and you will find your power. You are here as a powerful creator to experience your magnificent glory your true creative power. Savour the journey:)

And please take a moment to share it here….what are your intentions?

Full Power to Your Success!

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