I watched a new movie “Passengers” earlier this year and came across a thought provoking and true to the point idea about manifesting, I thought I would share with you.

The idea of Commtiment

-When you commit to someone you make it real, there is no more wishing, hoping, and contempling. The very nature of commitment makes it happen, makes it real.

Hearing this in the movie I thought to myself “how true”, it is the exact same thing with manifesting using the law of attraction!

When you commit to attaining a certain thing or goal, especially when you verbally commit to another person you are aliging the Universe to your new intentions to create the “thing” or goal you are wanting.

The problem is when you commit to something, that’s only half the battle. People fall short of taking action to make thier visions a reality. So how can you apply the magic of commitment to making your goals and visions a reality?

I am going to share with my little secret for manifesting with success and ease. This is something I use on a ongoing basis to make progress with my business. Follow the recipe below, it’s simple!

-This year commit to one person all of your goals, intentions and aspirations.
-Decide on a day of the week to connect via phone and talk with this person.
-Pick your intention with the most energy behind it, your numero uno priority.
-Commit to 3 things you will do each week to make your goals, big visions and intentions a reality.
-Write them down and share them with your accountability partner each week.
-Rinse and repeat.

How this works:
The very act of commiting to one other person makes you get off you a** and do the deed that needs doing. I think to myself “oh my god its tuesday and I haven’t even started on my three things yet…better get going!” It helps you move your intentions into action steps.

When you start seeing progress you want to continue because you have created momentum for yourself.

There is another aspect of commitment that I think is almost magical, it’s stated in the bible as well. “Where more than one are located you will find me…”or something to this effect. I appologize if I mangle this quote I am not well versed on the bible. I do Love this quote because it shows that coming together with just one other person, and sharing your goals, you activate the power of the Universe or God behind to help you.

So what are you commiting to creating this year?

To Your Full Power Success!

Vanessa Simpkins

Ps: I am really interested in what you think about this post. Please leave your comments below.

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