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Ritualize Your New Years Intentions for Success

by Vanessa Simpkins on January 5, 2010

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Ritual Recipee

What you’ll need:
Red paper, red pen, red envelope, candles, sage, some precious objects and symbols that have meaning for you.

First things first, take some sage and burn it circling your aura to cleanse it. Light the sage and blow it out so it smokes.

Then light your candles and invite good spirits and positive vibrations to hear you out and offer their assistance, protection and guidance.

Write out your intentions in red ink, or on red paper wich adds power in feng shui.

Here are some ideas to write about and make intentions for this year 2010.


Lastly sign your letter to the Universe, and say “thank you”. Put it in a red envelope and under your pillow sealed to be opened next year.

Take the time to ritualize your intentions for the new year adds that much more awareness, magic and intensity to your desires. The more energy surrounding your desires the quicker they manifest.

Full Power to Your Success in 2010!
Vanessa Simpkins

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