Law of Attraction Meets Marketing

Fellow co-creators,

Sorry for the long wait since my last post, I’ve been very busy! Busy manifesting all kinds of fabulous opportunities and working on my new book “From bankrupt to $900 a day Selling Mops!”

Don’t you love it when your ideas come to frutition; it is the most amazing feeling! You think and talk about it, dream about the day it happens, get nervous, a bit anxious and have butterflies in your stomach and then all of a sudden you are there!

The process of manifesting what you want absolutely fascinates me; it is an all consuming passion of mine. I share this passion with one more thing…marketing. I know the two don’t sound like they go together but they really do! You see marketing is really the investigation of why people do the things they do. And since I can remember I have been intrigued with the way people behave and what catapults people to success.

So get ready I am about to launch some very exciting offers around my book launch coming early next year! This is where law of attraction meets marketing.

I hear most often form my clients“how can I make more money more easily and with less effort?” so I am making my 2010 resolution to help support and empower 1000 small business owners to do just that! Make more money more easily in less time with less effort, through law of attraction and marketing! Stay tuned!


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