How do I keep my thoughts from anticipating the Worst?

This is a common question I’ve been getting in my Law of Attraction Survey so I thought I’d take some time and share my ideas on this one.

You want to first look at what emotion is most prevalent – in this case it is worry. You are worried that things will not turn out right for you, worried that you might lose what good you do have in your life, worried that the worst is always lurking just around the bend or that you might fall on your head and die a quick sudden death….ok, that last one was extreme but you get the point. I’m feeling like this question is asking “how do I really stop all of these worrying thoughts from invading my peace and calm?”

As with all low vibrating emotions there is an element of fear. There is only fear and love and then different intensities of the two. So worry is a state of fear perhaps a mild recurring stream of doubt. As with all self inquiry start by asking yourself this question “What is it I am really afraid of here”? What is at the core of this question “How do I keep my thoughts from anticipating the worst?” Maybe there is a subconscious limiting belief there that says – I don’t really deserve to be happy, loved and successful, and so I worry the worst is always about to happen. Perhaps that tape player of your subconscious mind is playing a broken record that says – I’m only comfortable with this amount of happiness, any more and it threatens my beliefs.

So question, question, question yourself, and ask some more questions. Why is it I feel this way? Where does this come from? Do I know if this is true? Take responsibility for your state of mind, no one else will.

You see everything is being run by the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind. It operates 95% of the time and easily bullies out your conscious mind that you try and fill with positive thoughts and affirmations. So, it is no wonder why you struggle with the law of attraction. You can not manifest and pull into your experience what you are resisting. You subconscious beliefs create resistance. No matter how many times you write down on a piece of paper “I am abundant, abundance is mine now”, your beliefs must be in sync with what you are wanting to attract or it can’t show up, it defies Universal law.

If deep down you don’t really believe you deserve to have someone love and care for you and respect you as well, you’ll most likely sabotage a healthy relationship or not even notice that person when they do come into your field.

So start becoming more and more aware of these worrisome thoughts, are they mostly concerning love and commitment issues involving a high leave of trust? Are your fears connected with trusting yourself, the universe? Trusting that the Universe will provide for you, around the good ol subject of money perhaps? Become more aware, state the intention loud and clear to the Universe that you want to become aware of and easily release beliefs that are not serving your highest potential.

The real culprits are your subconscious beliefs usually picked up in your early childhood from our parents our closest relationships. Some of these experiences we had as children taught us to be over careful in certain situations for example, which was most likely a good protective idea at the time, only now in adult life this sabotaging belief holds you back from taking in risks. Now you’ve lost the capacity to enjoy new opportunities that come your way and you find yourself in the same frustrating loop of circumstances because your program has you scared to take any risks. There are literally thousands of different combinations of limiting beliefs out there and each totally individual.

My suggestion is that you start asking the question – “What is it I don’t really believe I deserve?” Deserving happiness, safety, care, nurturing, support, money, love. Deserving is a biggie, you are sure to get some answers, so start there. Even if the answers don’t come right away, be patient, be open for answers everywhere. Be aware and you will get them!

I remember coming home from a big year and a half trip to Asia when I was 20, I thought I was so spiritual, doing yoga 3 hours a day before breakfast on a beach with this guy that looked like Osama bin laden. I was this traveling yogi- gypsy and money was for snobs, rich people weren’t really spiritual they traded God for money…this was all going on beneath the surface in my beliefs. My parents were always on about the rich for being greedy unscrupulous people who took advantage and screwed the little guy. I realized as I was sitting in my crock box car (you know those cars you buy for a couple hundred bucks and run them into the ground) one day. Well I had this epiphany one day in the car and I put two and two together. I didn’t really believe you could be spiritual and rich! Well what a concept, I could be spiritual and drive a nice new car! A shift had taken place. I was conscious of this now. A few months later I met my boyfriend and he bought me a new car – synchronicity? Hmmm interesting.

If you are experiencing thoughts beyond your control, a restless anxious mind that is taking over and wrecking havoc on your sense of peace, it’s time to take action. Most people will tell you to meditate. It is a good practice; meditation on a regular basis will allow you to step back and watch the thoughts as they enter, so you may realize you are not your thoughts. You can choose to entertain thoughts or not. I do suggest everyone meditates a few minutes everyday. Start by simply sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed focussing on the natural rhythm of your breath. Do this for 5 minutes a day and then work you way up to 30 minutes. Do this with the intention to become the observer of your thoughts. “Know Thyself” as they say.

Meditation will bring you back to balance or ground “zero” as I call it. If you’re out there flying off the walls stressed out, negative thoughts and fears bombarding your serenity; just a few minutes of time out while meditating offers a much needed relief and time for your body to synchronize with the energy or essence of the magnetic field(or God or whatever you want to call it). You will begin to feel more present, in the here and now and not racing with thoughts afraid of what might happen in the future or allowing the past to haunt you. Any time you aren’t in the present moment you lose power.

So the question now becomes how do I keep my thoughts on the present moment. How do I stay in the NOW where the power is? Eckhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now” explains it well. The power to create is in the here and now, that’s where the energy is.

I’ve discovered that EFT emotional freedom technique is a very powerful technique for releasing limiting beliefs and also works much quicker than meditating. EFT taps specific points along the energy meridians in the body thereby releasing stored emotions in our field. When your field is clear, you naturally align with source energy and you naturally attract more light love and abundance since we are that essence at our core. Our job becomes the peeling of the layers of crappy false limiting beliefs we’ve been programmed with. Many people have rid themselves of phobias of flying for example using EFT in as little as 10-15 minutes. It is easy, quick and effective. Anyone can use EFT and get great results. The future is in energy psychology and if you are really interested in finding out how to keep your thoughts from anticipating the worst, than I encourage you to do a little probing into you beliefs and try EFT.

There is a great free online resource if you’d like more information about how to use EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE right now.

The Tapping Solution – More Tapping Resources

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