I Want to Stay Home and Make Pickles!

By September 16, 2009Blog, Law of Attraction

I’m staying at my dad’s cousin Joan’s place here in Winnipeg. Joan has a lovely garden full of fresh veggies this time of the year, and yes she is making pickles! Yummy crunchy pickles! Every night we go into the garden and pick fresh veggies to add to our dinners. Fabulous!

Now what does this have to do with the law of attraction you ask? A lot!

After travelling so much for work I’ve realized that I really miss being home with my friends, family and relationships. Making the big bucks is great and all but it doesn’t do much for you if you don’t have the people you love and cherish the most to share it with.

And this is where I see people get into the most trouble. You create an experience in life and then it doesn’t pan out or feel the way you thought it would. You think man I made a mistake, I failed, what was I thinking?! And it’s just not the case.

You see life is full of experiences and none are failures. Each experience teaches you what you really want, in light of what you’ve just experienced. This is known as contrast. Life is giving me pickles as contrast! Now that I’ve gotten the travelling out of my system all I want to do is have a home base I can work out of, not sacrifice my relationships for money and have a big luscious garden to be able to make pickles till my hearts content!

So what are you living right now in your experience that isn’t sitting right? What has contrast taught you about what you now want?

Getting clear and knowing what you want is THE FIRST STEP in manifesting with success using the law of attraction.

Now I can add visualizations and make intentions about staying home, enjoying abundance and farting about in my big garden!

So what is your life experience teaching you about what you want right now?

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