On a beautiful hike out in the eastern townships of Quebec after work one evening I was pondering the multitude of abundance in nature.

The law of abundance, it’s really everywhere you look! There is an abundance of leaves on the trees, an abundance of water in the lakes, an abundance of color in the forest, an abundance of air molecules, an abundance of space, an abundance of bark on the trees, rocks, earth, I mean the list goes on! You could fill thousands of pages with countless abundance found in nature, and we are a part of nature.

So when there is talk of scarcity and lack, on the radio and tv, the economy the recession bla bla bla its bullshit if you ask me. Just another ploy another marketing fiasco ruled by the media to freak us out and instil fear into society. There is no such thing as lack. When the government needs more money they print it. Remember that! There is a video on youtube called the Zeitgeist go and have a look at that. You’ll find it very interesting! It’s about how our monetary system is fuelled.

And in the meantime, use the law of abundance to your benefit. Anytime you feel lack, scarcity or fear about not having enough, go for a walk in nature and fill up on all of the abundance that is ready to you. Remind yourself about how much abundance is out there in the world. Synchronize and align your thoughts and feelings with this abundance. It is simple to do, not easy but simple.

So train yourself to start a new habit, a positive habit and remind yourself to use the law of abundance on a daily basis. Another great tool is to start a gratitude journal. You could start an abundance log/journal and write down everyday things you notice in abundance.

Remember the law of attraction is working in your life all the time whether you chose to use it to your advantage or not is up to you!

So go out and manifest abundance! And when you get stuck go out and immerse yourself in nature, fill up on its beauty, notice abundance everywhere. Pretty soon, you’ll be enjoying bountiful abundance too!

Full Power!

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