Well I am a crystal nut! Been talking about crystal hunting since Hawaii last year and man did I even manifest the mother load!!!

It was a Sunday afternoon after work and a gorgeous sunny day when I thought to myself now what am I going to do? I didn’t feel like going back to the campground or hanging around town and then I remembered my pamphlet I picked up at the gas station on the way into town. I had come across Canada about 6 years ago and remembered this cool gas station in Dorion Ontario where they have bucket loads of cheap amethyst crystals in the back, so I stopped by again this time around.

There was a new owner and she hadn’t half what was available to me the last time around but she did give me this visitors pamphlet about a crystal mine I could visit called Blue Pointe Amethysts Mine near Thunder bay. She told me some old dude owned the place and it was a much better dig site than the touristy Panorama mines.

So here I am Sunday afternoon 5pm I chance it, take the drive 30 minutes out of town to the mine and cross my fingers hoping the dude will be open, its a nice day. I arrive and the sign says OPEN- whoo hoo! I am so stoked! I love crystals I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I see them!

As I’m driving in I see a truck on the way out and slow down, it’s the Owner and he informs me that sadly the mine is closed, to come back tomorrow because the blasters are coming in. My dreams are shattered I work all day so I won’t be able to return until next week I tell him. After much whining I ask him how much for the big stones …and he let’s me through!

I meet some very cool crystal hunters, Paul and his wife Thelma and another crystal Maniac Adam. AND I get to stick around for the blast and hand pick some of THE finest Amethyst crystals ever! I hauled 5 bucket loads out with me for an insanely low price I can’t even mention!

Crystal hunting has been a big dream of mine for a long time and everything just fell into place perfectly! I met some great people, enjoyed a nice evening outdoors amonghst happy fun people oogling over beautiful crystals! I even got to stay for a blast where the freshest crystals are found and picked up some amazing stones! Sweet!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Universe! I love manifesting on Full Power!


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