Imagining is the First Step Towards Doing it!

I was at a campfire lat night meeting my neighbours and Jenna proudly showed me her Bella something rather cards with horses and cute quotes on them. What do you know, the law of attraction is even making its way into kid’s playing cards which I think is awesome!

“Imagining is the first step in doing it” read the first card she showed me. How true I thought.

If you think about it, creating anything comes first from imagining it. What would it be like to have, do or experience this or that. It’s how it all starts really. I remember when this across Canada mission of mine was just a fart in a windstorm idea that popped into my head and what do you know, 4 months later I’m doing it!

Isn’t it amazing to contemplate how things get done, how you get to where you are? Always blows me away. The law of attraction works every time, weather you’re aware of it or not. So how about it -what would you like to experience?

Imagine coming into a boat load of cash, or taking a wild adventure trip, maybe a new home, new relationship or a bit more confidence?

I guarantee that if you spend a few minutes every evening before you drift off to sleep imagining this new you, what it would feel like, what your new life would be like and really get into the feeling of it, I guarantee before you know it, this new experience will come to pass.

The trick is to feel it. So close your eyes and pretend you’re a kid again, give yourself permission to get really excited imagining this new you. The more you do this, the more often you do this, think about it, contemplate it and get excited about it, the faster is manifests!

I imagined living in Hawaii until it manifested…that was cool. I imagined buying a camper trailer and working my way across Canada this summer enjoying nature and the outdoors everyday after work, and here I am! I’m writing you from Starbucks in Thunder Bay Ontario. Best thing I ever did was buy this trailer of mine!

So go ahead and dare to imagine just how good life can get! Go on, I dare ya!

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