The Magic of Lists and the Law of Attraction

Manifest whatever you want by writing it down. It really starts off as simple as this.

There was a Harvard study done with a graduating class who wrote down their goals. The same 3% of people who originally wrote down their goals were the same 3% of highly successful people when surveyed 20 years later. Coincidence, I think not.

Here’s why: When you take the time to sit down and think about what you want and take the time to write it down, you are taking the time to align yourself with what you want. You are saying to the universe my ideas are worth it, and I am worth it, I am worth it enough to put it on paper.

Try is today, start small and start by writing down all of the things you would like to get done. You will be amazed at how productive our day goes by! And you’ll feel fantastic at having accomplished so much you’ll want to do it everyday!

Start by writing lists, then you can expand by writing down goals you would like to do in your lifetime. The fun is always coming to this space and realizing your crossing off yet another goal, you have become the person who is doing what you wanted to do, and that’s powerful! There’s nothing like it to give you the biggest kick of confidence and a boost in faith that you CAN create the life of your dreams.

Remember, start small and do it now! I mean it, stop reading this grab a pen and start writing your list. Write down all of the things you want to accomplish today. You’ll be amazed! Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

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