Friday September 21st 6pm-9pm 

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2 Weeks And 15,000$

“Vanessa pinpointed where I was holding myself back. I modeled her teachings and within two weeks, an amazing opportunity opened up. Incredibly, the same day, $15,000 was raised to support this worthy cause and carry it forward, more money following within days. ¡Un sueño hecho realidad! Thank you, Vanessa!”


~Mary Newswanger



I am Not Frantically Run by my Emotions Anymore!

Before working with Vanessa, I felt stuck, and trapped in this endless busyness cycle all the time. I sacrificed having fun, I skipped meals and let my health slip, I never had time for myself or my loved ones. I was tired all the time and had no energy and constantly worried about where the next sale would come from in my company.

Coaching with Vanessa has been A RIDE!! I now get to spend more time with my friends, my family and actually get better results at work! I closed a a HUGE contract with a fabulous client for $30,000, and it happened exactly the way I visualized it! I now I know that my heart vibrates and creates my reality.

I’ve learnt that changes come from the inside and the world conspires to give you what you want! I feel happy again! My health is on track, everyone at work can see the difference in me, and I am celebrating all the big and small things that happen everyday! I am not frantically run by my emotions anymore – I am creating, fully aware and living now! I feel alive and excitement everyday at what will show up next! Thank you for this AMAZING ride!!!

Silvia Zoch
Sales Director


I FINALLY Feel at Peace and Feel an Immense Joy for Life

For many years now, I have invested in many different personnel development methods, without really getting any real results of well-being.

Vanessa has taught me through her approaches and methods how to let go and to release my uncertainties and my resistance patterns and self-sabotages that were wearing me down.

Her active listening and personalized advices has brought me to blossom emotionally, spiritually and physically. I love enjoying this new flow of grace and listening to my intuition which tells me to take time, take time without having everything always planned out, as I did my whole life.

Thanks to Vanessa’s coaching, at 57 years old, I FINALLY feel at peace and feel an immense joy for life.

Christiane Corbeil,
Teacher/ Artist



Thank you Vanessa for Being such a Positive Inspiration in my Life!


“Vanessa, I would really like to thank you because you were the one who got me started thinking positive more consciously and set me off to create and manifest the things I want to see in my life. When I first was introduced to the law of attraction I was very skeptical but because of you I now know and see it works. I’ve attracted people I want to have in my life, more than enough clients for my Yoga- and Thai Yoga Massage business and now I introduce these life changing laws to my family, friends and students.

Thank you Vanessa for being such a positive inspiration in my life!”

Sabine Hesselmann,
Yoga Teacher


Reserve Your Space Today – Space is Limited

Only 25$

35$ at the Door