Follow my 100 day challenge using the law of attraction!

The 100 day challenge is about creating declarations you want to manifest in 100 days using the law of attraction.

It’s simple but not easy! Doing a 100 day challenge really gets you focussed and clear and on your way to magical manifesting on Full Power!

For this 1st season of my 100 day challenge I am using the laws of attraction in the following ways:
1- Scripting process which is writting out my intentions for the day
2- Video blogging my progress
3- I am declaring to purchase the perfect vehicles to take me out west and have a super successful working holiday across Canada this summer.
4- I want to publish my father Ron Simpkins art work. I want to find the perfect art consultant to help me in this endevour.
5- I declare to read uplifting books about the laws of attraction everyday
6- I will spend 1 hour in nature every day because I love nature and that’s where the energy is!

Day 1 – Day 1- Manifesting my goals using the laws of attraction!!!

Day 2 – Tools for Manifesting…

Day 5 – Still in Quebec quick update on my progress

Day 7 – How to use the law of attraction to manifest with emotion!

Day 10 – My dad’s art work, Canadian Landscape oil painter Ron Simpkins 1942-2008 Fly High Daddyo!!!

Day 10 – My grandfathers art work – Henry J Simpkins Canadian Watercolor specialist

Day 10 – Part 2 of my grandfathers work, Henry J Simpkins Canadian Watercolor specialist.

Day 18 – New Car! Yay

Day 29 – Lots of exciting manifestations!

Day 30 – Noticing Abundance in Nature. Prosperity is inherant in nature its all around us – and we are from Nature! Get back to your original source and re-connect to your abundance!

Day 50 – Mid marker here guys! Lots happening – manifesting a camper trailer for an amazing summer accross Canada! Using the laws of attraction to manifest my dreams! Its all happening! Thank you thank you thank you!

Day 76 – Using the law of attraction – Manifestastion of my mini van and camper trailer for my blast off mission accross Canada! Yahoo – The Universe is soooo good to me! The Universe supports me in everything I do!

Day 79 – Manifesting a cool campsite and successful mission in my trailer first stop Audbury Ontario! Using the laws of attraction to manifest an awesome trip across Canada this summer in my camper trailer!

Day 80 – Set up the trailer in Timmins Ontario Home of Shania Twain- Using the laws of attraction to manifest a great trip across Canada, an abundance of love, nature, money, happiness and change. Change brings gratitude as the Universe supports your every move!

Day 81 – Camping out in the woods in Sudbury Ontario, Centennial park campgrounds.

Day 84 – Well I didn’t plan this in my law of attraction declaration but I did say I wanted to get out into nature! Well Im here, in Timmins Ontario with the bears, bon fires, guitare playing hoolagans and washin in the lake before work! Yikes!

Day 87 – Yes I am wearing Plaid! Im in Thunder Bay Ontario, winding up my 100 day challenge, I ordered up some great sunshine for a fantastick drive through the great lakes, but got a bit lazy and wound up in lousy campground! Law of attraction works everytime even when you forget to make intentions!

Day 92– AAAAAAA I am so excited I am sooooooooooo excited! Crystal hunting in the amethyst mines here in Thunder bay I totally lucked out and arrived just in time for a blast! Got myself some amazing stones…big ones baby! So blessed!! I love manifesting on Full Power!! Check it out!

Day 100 – Whoo Hoo!!!– Yahoo! I made it, amazing what can happen in 100 days! Its been a trip let me tell ya! Loads of great manifestations! I will start season 2 on August 15th! Get ready for another blast off manifesting mission!

For more information about the 100 day challenge or to start your own 100 day challenge visit or visit lilou mace on youtube!

Full Power!